About us

C&C Sound was established in August 2012 after president Chad Knuth returned home from his deployment to Afghanistan.  Chad has over eight years of experience setting up weddings and MC/DJ’ing events.  Chad has past DJ’ing experience working for a couple different well known DJ companies.

In 2011, Chad was called to duty to serve the country he loves.  He had no choice but to put DJ’ing on hold.  So, he thought while he was in Afghanistan, he found a way to DJ for his fellow soldiers.

Chad could not be happier to be able to get away from the war and DJ once a week.  Well not truly getting away from the war, but DJ for his fellow soldiers that made it fell like getting away.  

When he left, he also had to leave behind his wife Courtney his 2 yr old son Laim and newborn baby boy Noah.  Upon his return back to the United States he decided that he was going to open his own DJ company.

Chad felt there were too many companies out there charging way too much to DJ an event or wedding.  

Chad wanted to provide better customer service than other competitors.  Chad feels that an event or wedding should be much more than just a job.  

Chad makes a point that every wedding C&C Sound does to make it a memorable one.  C&C Sound does not charge per light, all are lights are in included and wireless mics.  

C&C sound works based on packages we do not nickel and dime clients like other companies.  C&C sound offers you everything that any other DJ company can but at an affordable price and with the highest quality customer service.  

Thank you for taking the time to consider us for your next event or wedding.  We look forward to making your wedding the one of your dreams. 

Message from C&C Sounds President

Let me first start of by saying thank you once again for taking the time to check out our page, and giving us a chance to make your event or wedding a memorable one.  

You will see the difference when you use C&C Sound we are not only there to DJ and make your event fun but personalize to fit you and your style.  Our DJ’s are not there to play music for them they are there for you and your guests.  

If at any time you feel you are not satisfied, please let the DJ know immediately.  We are here to service you.  C&C Sound will always do anything to make your wedding or event go as smooth as possible.  

At C&C Sound we know you have enough to worry about and the last thing you want is a inexperienced DJ at your wedding or event asking you questions they should have the answers to.

Everyone at C&C Sound goes through the best training possible before they are sent to do any weddings or events. C&C Sound will always arrive before your event starts and will be set up and tested you will never be waiting on us.

We are there for you.  If you ever have a problem with my DJ’s, please let me know. Thank you and have a great rest of your day. We hope you give us the chance to DJ for you!