Meet the DJs

DJ Calvin Mckinney “C’Train”

My love of music comes from a young age, which grew into a hobby and now a passion.

As a DJ I am able to pass my love of music onto others bringing fun and happiness to their life. There is no better feeling when you see a crowd start tapping their feet  and nodding their heads, and fill a dance floor.  Being a national DJ from the Midwest my love for music grew even more as I was exposed to all types of crowds and developed a mixing style that incorporated all genres for everybody in the crowd to enjoy. To me its all about the crowd playing music that makes them feel good.

DJ Joe Silva

I have been with C&C Sound since April of 2015. During the week I work for a technology company in Saint Louis Park. I enjoy going to sporting events and grilling with friends

  • My favorite place in the world (that I have been so far) is Miami, there was soo much to do.
  • Favorite Song to dance to: September by Earth, Wind, and Fire
  • If I could see one performance live: Bruno Mars. I feel like he is just always a blast to listen to.

DJ Chad Knuth

I started Djing in 2011 I worked for a well-known Dj company in what started out as Hobby and part time job. Once I found my way around fumbling through the cd’s and setting up the equipment. I found myself nerves on the microphone at first but quickly found that speaking in front of others is something that I am no longer shy to do. 

I found myself always finding new events to Dj what started off as weddings grew to parties and events. While Djing at the Minnesota state fair for the fresh French fry booth. I got a call that would change my life forever I was being called to duty to serve my Country. I deployed in 2012 to Afghanistan and put my life on hold Leaving behind my beautiful wife Courtney, my son Liam, my newly born son Noah and all my hobbies and dreams. To my surprise I found that after all the training and the long journey that when I arrived in country and finally got settled in.

I was blessed to find that the N2 bar needed a Karaoke Dj! I found that being away from the hobby didn’t matter I found my self back in the groove in no time. The best part was not getting to Dj it was seeing the smile on the faces of my brothers and sisters getting rest and to have a good laugh getting away from the war if even for a few hours. I was able to Dj my whole tour and even on my way home before we finally left Country. 

Once returning home my wife and I decided it would be best to open our own company and go into business for ourselves. We started off with one set of equipment but soon found that we needed more equipment. I called up some great friends DJ Eric, DJ Josh, Dj James, Dj Calvin, Dj Derek, DJ Jeremy and last but certainly not least DJ Joe. While not everyone is still Djing weddings with us their hard work and dedication was and is appreciated in helping to grow the name and brand. The biggest joy I have with Djing is making it the bride and grooms’ day memorable!